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TEXAS EOR ASSOCIATES’ advanced new EOR technologies include:

  • water-clusterSelf-Powered, Electric Field-Conditioned, Micro-Clustered Magnetized Water Treatment technology that ionizes big, macro-clustered oil field injection-water and recycled produced-water molecules to form smaller water-molecule micro-clusters (less than one-quarter in size) that are better able to fit-through, permeate and penetrate reservoir pore-space in order to more effectively deliver water-borne injectants as far as possible into reservoir capillaries and fractures, and make maximum contact with, dislodge and sweep more oil off the reservoir sands for ultimate extraction.
  • Miscible Chemical Solvent/Surfactant EOR technology (called “E4EOR”) that can be used in its liquid form for solvent-assisted waterflood EOR projects, and in its atomized or vapor-phase gaseous form for solvent-assisted N2+CO2 gas injection EOR projects.
  • On contact with target oil molecules, Surfsol E4EOR Solvent can sufficiently lower oil viscosity enough to enable even thick and viscous oils to flow more easily through pressurized reservoir pore-space (toward the lower-pressure production well laterals) by, among other capabilities, reducing the interfacial tension that impedes movement of oil droplets through the reservoir.


  • On contact with reservoir pore-clogging asphaltenes and paraffin wax crystals (that can unfortunately precipitate out of the oil and reservoir pores due to EOR waterflood and gas injection pressure and temperature variations), the E4EOR Injectants effectively prevent asphaltenes and paraffin wax from solidifying and clogging the reservoir pore-space (by reducing their viscosities; turning them from solids-that-clog into liquid waste-that-flows, which can be more easily pushed through and out of the way by the injected water/chemical/gas injectants behind them), clearing a pathway through the pore-space for the released-oil to reach the production well.

gas-injectionTo add to its suite of EOR technologies so as to further lower costs and increase oil recovery efficiencies, TEORA is also sub-contracting the use of other tested and proven advanced EOR technologies (from various name-brand Oil Service companies, whose precision horizontal-drilling, water-flood reservoir computer-modeling, seismic and electromagnetic EOR injectant-tracking, and chemical EOR services) are expected to help TEORA’s water and gas injection EOR techniques to become more measured and precise (providing unprecedented reservoir feedback and control to “see” underground, locate the oil and then “track” the injectants for effectiveness).

Using TEORA-chosen injectant-tracking technology, TEORA’s Operators and EOR engineering consultants will be able to see in real-time the movement of the water and gas injected between the injector wells and production wells, for the first-time enabling Operators to adjust and fine-tune injection flow-rate, pressure and temperature in real-time to optimize injectant steering for maximum oil contact through cleaned pore-space to a horizontal production well for extraction.




Texas EOR Associates LLC owns the exclusive U.S. territorial rights to buy, use and re-sell the proven-effective E4EOR Solvent in oil field waterflooding, hydraulic/gas-fracking and gas-injection enhanced oil recovery (EOR) applications. The Company has exclusively licensed the following suite of E4EOR-related patents from their inventor, Richard Dyer, of SCT, LLC:

Granted Patents:

US 13/385,544 Oil Well Cleaning Composition

US 11/756,293 Viscosity Breaker

US 11/092,422 Removal of Asphaltene, Paraffin & Scale

US 12/321,978 Removal of Asphaltene, Paraffin & Scale

US 11/906,484 Removal of Asphaltene, Paraffin & Scale

US 11/901,530 Removal of Asphaltene, Paraffin & Scale

Patents Pending:

US 10/016,860 Oil Well Wash Tool